Incorporating Technology by Class Subject

With the schools systems and educators being looked to for finding beneficial ways to introduce technology at a young age and incorporate it into the classroom, here are a few ideas based on different subject matters put together by The University of Scranton.


Putting students into groups and sending them on a web-quest is an effective way to get them to collaborate with technology as the median. Students can then record their answers online and with different tools such as Padlet, PowerPoint, SMART Boards or a classroom blog.


This is a good opportunity to let the student use their own personal technology devices, such as a Kindle or Nook. Students can then present book reports via a blog or other technology tool to present to their book to their classmates.


There are tons on free teacher science resources that are technology focused. One widely used and trusted tool is Discovery Education. Put together by the Discovery Channel, this site has a plethora of lesson plan ideas for different age groups with a wide variety of topics.


With the push to have teachers use technology on a regular basis in their classrooms, the possibilities and the resources are endless, these are just the tip of the iceberg.




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