Blog Research and Summary

Technology Teacher Blog

This is a great blog that I found written by Barbara Schroeder, Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University in Idaho.

Barbara has posted a ton of great information related to technology in education that I plan on researching for my blog, however, for this particular post, I have picked a few items that I though especially good to focus on for my topic.

This post, 10 Reason Why You Should Use Google Plus Instead of Email, is about all the advantages that Google+ can bring bring to a teacher and their classroom versus the traditional email. Some examples of the reasons highlighted include, you can create circles of friends, or in this case, people in the class, and send messages to one person, like the teacher, or share something with the entire class. Also, while an email in isolated in your inbox, Google+ allows you to create, read, and share a document with one or multiple people in your class circle.

This is just one of the many post about technology in education that are out there and just one example of the many tools available to help benefit teachers in their classrooms using technology.

For more great information about Google+ written by Barbara Schroeder and others, check out these other links!


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